Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hold the Mayo

I really enjoy "salad" sandwiches; that is, egg, tuna, chicken, any others? For months I've been using Best Foods light mayonnaise to dress the salad, then I discovered Ztrim (go to March blogs for info) and started reducing the mayo and adding Ztrim for a creamier texture. Last week I decided to try using Dijon mustard without the mayo, with Ztrim to round it out. I really like it; Dijon is my favorite mustard but of course you can try any one you like. I like to add sliced green onions, diced red pepper and celery to the mix.

For egg salad I place my egg in a pan of cold water, bring to a boil. Turn off heat, cover for 12 minutes. Cover with ice water to cool down fast, peel and mash. I have a potato ricer just like the one pictured at right I like to use - it works great. Mix in your veggies, mustard and Ztrim (if desired) and you're good to go. I don't measure - I prefer to cook to taste as much as possible. Ok, I always taste what
I'm cooking, on some dishes I measure too!

Regarding tuna salad, if you're concerned about mercury as I am, you can get minimal mercury, troll caught, sustainably harvested, even unsalted tuna from Wild Planet. I really like it. It's only cooked once, after canning, unlike other canned tuna, and is packed in its own juice. Enjoy!

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