Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Saul's Deli

I'm not nuts about deli food but yesterday I got my head turned around. A couple of years ago my husband was listening to a radio talk show out of San Francisco. They were making restaurant talk. Saul's Deli in Berkeley was promoted as a great place and Paul had me enter it in my Palm for future use. Fast forward to yesterday; during a ride to Oakland we decided to try Saul's. I was reluctant but decided to give it a whirl.

Saul's is on Shattuck, a major artery in Berzerkley. There are beau coup restaurants; the variety is astonishing. We miraculously parked smack in front. The place has decent curb appeal, considering how old and dingy Shattuck Ave is. But ah, when you step in the joint is roomy, bright and clean. When we first walked in I spied the Niman Ranch sign on the cold case and was happy. The servers were friendly and efficient; the vibrations were good. And... the bathrooms were clean!

Instead of a bread basket the bus person brought us a ramekin of delicious kosher pickles. Not too sour, a little garlicky, just right. I ordered the Armenian lamb sandwich - ground lamb in a pocket bread with hummus, tahini, romaine and chopped veggies. I had a choice of fries or salad. I ordered the salad, which was a nice bunch of spring greens with a simple vinaigrette. The lamb was not at all greasy and the sandwich was delicious. I confess I ate it all because it was so good. (Normally when I order a burger I can only eat about half, probably because the buns are so thick.) Cost was about $10.50.

Paul had the pastrami sandwich with green salad. It looked very good, plenty of pastrami and he pronounced it wonderful. Price: $9.95.

We both heartily endorse Saul's Deli. Visit the site for location and menu. To see the menu select the order online button and all will be revealed.

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