Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Skinny Meatballs

I'm here to talk about food. Yes, food. Real food that you make yourself; you know what's in it because you put it there. I don't like to settle for packaged foods with all those additives and sodium, so either we have a really simple meal like a roasted yam, veggies and some protein or I really cook a meal.
I came up with Skinny Meatballs after being inspired by the Barefoot Contessa's full fat, delicious, highly indulgent meatballs. She really is my hero because she is so creative, and I love her show, but I'm determined to get rid of my excess weight. So I started by using the lowest fat beef I could get, 96% lean. Very lean meat gets dry, and dry, hard meatballs would be unsatisfying. Therefore, gelatin that has been bloomed (soaked in water) is added, which gives a moister texture.
If you use canned tomatoes for the sauce, be sure to check the label for sodium and get the lowest amount possible. In fact, always check the label. The sodium levels are usually extremely high; you can add more salt - but you can't take it out. Adding the diced carrots is a nice touch; it adds nutrition and sweetens the sauce. And it's molto Italiano! This recipe, as are all recipes, is a guideline. It can be doubled, but taste for seasoning to suit yourself. Enjoy!

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