Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ztrim - Hot New Ingredients - Part 3

Butter is wonderful. It has a incomparably rich flavor. It also feels good in your mouth; that is, it has a wonderful mouthfeel. Butter is about 85% fat, much of it saturated. It has oodles of calories and can really help us pack on the pounds. What can we do?

There is a product out there called Ztrim Fat Replacement, which has no flavor, but has the mouthfeel of butter. It has no calories, no fat, and little fiber. It is derived from insoluble fiber and is available in gel form as well as powder. Currently I'm using the gel form packed in squeeze bottles.

You can't saute with it but baking works well. I do wish it had the butter effect that we prize in our biscuits, crusts, croissants and other flaky doughs. Cold butter makes steam in these doughs while in the oven, puffing them up and putting the flakiness on. So far I haven't had great luck with that, but I'll be investigating further.

I like egg salad sandwiches, as well as tuna and chicken salad. I was already using light mayonnaise sparingly; now I get a much more luxurious effect by adding Ztrim into the mix.

So far I'm liking Ztrim in pan sauces. Pan sauces are made with the carmelized bits of protein that stick to the pan after a nice saute. Generally broth or wine are added and stirred to dissolve the delicious bits. The magic ingredient is butter, and plenty of it. For my chicken marsala, I whisked in a little butter and more Ztrim. It came out really nice.

You can read up on Ztrim at their site,, as well as place an order. When I ordered I was lured by the 30 day return guarantee. I ordered several bottles so that the shipping costs made sense. I won't be returning them. Ever.

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